Question for Left Economics; Social Theory

[Socialism1 - government control of resources. Socialism2 - popular (democratic) control of resources. Assume in this journal entry preference for #2.] Preface i, I actually have been motioning for people to self govern without extragovernmental inventions but in Capitalism this leads to economic inequality, depression and potential for vicious business practice. So I have been … Continue reading Question for Left Economics; Social Theory

Metaphysics; Thomas Aquinas or Sartre

i, I see Thomas Aquinas' metaphysics --where in god's divine intellect essences (being) of things precede existences (acting/ or being actual) -- is wrong if compared to Existentialism. But what Thomas said of god when he combined essence and existence (ST 1a Q2 A4) is true but not just for god for every thing. Essence … Continue reading Metaphysics; Thomas Aquinas or Sartre

Hunger; Acquaintance with Life’s Absurdity

[I begin these conceptions of ego--(or here my egotistical fantasy brought on by hungering)--and existentialism because they may infect my philosophy. They are appearing problems that I have to wrestle-with. I have to unravel them for myself.] i, I do not talk here about physical processes of hunger which overtime causes some body to produce … Continue reading Hunger; Acquaintance with Life’s Absurdity

Catechism of My Economics

i, These propositions about economy are extracted from my whole construction. This is what economics I have been forming in my Actual Conceptions WordPress. i, Theory of men’s objective.  Desire for living.  Man and his counterpart women are organisms and for them life entails satisfaction of their organs -- (I should mention as well satisfaction … Continue reading Catechism of My Economics

Who Am I? Conservative, Progressive, What?

i, My personality and actions should be the same as my beliefs. That is if I am going to be honest and not confused. Honesty is when my beliefs and actions cohere together. Confusion is when they contradict. My beliefs however do not match conservativism or progressivism. Also I am not Christian according to how … Continue reading Who Am I? Conservative, Progressive, What?